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Otop Technology’s mission is to provide FTTx series products that give our customers a competitive advantage. To accomplish this we continually invest in growth of our employees and in our company’s capabilities.


Sichuan Otop Technology Co., Ltd.



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Otop Technology engineers and manufactures high quality FTTx series products. We work closely with both Fortune 500 telecommunication carriers and internet server providers of all sizes to understand their application requirements and provide a standard or, in most of cases, a customer-engineered solutions to enable the success of their design project. Since the beginning, our engineering and production teams have continued to develop enabling technologies and products for FTTH, FTTx telecommunication market.



Our dedicated, full-service engineering department truly partners with our customers. We love challenges and work to provide all fiber optic products for fiber to the home solutions. Experienced engineers with expertise in fiber optic telecommunications are available to assist you with your concept and detailed design. Our engineering design service is free of charge in most cases. We love what we do and are eager to share our knowledge and passion with our customers.



Otop Technology main products include fiber optic PLC splitter, Patchcord, rack mounted patch panel, MPO, pigtail, WDM splitter, fiber optic fast connector, fiber optic cable, joint enclosure, attenuator, fiber optic distribution box, terminal box and FTTx fiber optic tools, etc. We have been providing one-stop solution for hundreds of high-end customers.

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Sichuan Otop Technology Co., Ltd.


2009, Shenzhen Xinfeitong Technology Co., Ltd. was established. We started the production line for PLC splitter and patch cords.


2015, The team moved to Sichuan provice and Sichuan Xinyifa Technology Co., Ltd. was established. 


2016, Company gained ten patents and got approval to apply for High-tech Enterprise.


2018, Started Shenzhen sales office.


2019, Sichuan Otop Technology was found and start MPO, Transceiver device reseach and development.


2019, Obtained the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. 


With over 10 years of experience, our expert engineering and production teams develop enabling technologies and products to meet the needs of an evolving telecommunication market. We are very proud of our outstanding company history.



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Brands : OTOP

No. of Employees : 200~300

Annual Sales : >6 million

Year Established : 2010

Export p.c : 80% - 90%